Our Business is the Business

As we grow agencyQ, we have spent a lot of time focusing on what it is we need to focus on, invest in, to make the business strong. Clearly we need to hire smart people to do the work of the agency, but how do we make sure the business of the business is properly cared for—which led us to the question, what is the “business of the business?”

For us at agencyQ, we decided that the business of the business is our employees. Now that we’ve gone and hired the smartest most talented people, how do we make sure they have a place that makes them want to come to work every day? How do we ensure we’re creating an environment that is fully supportive of ensuring success for the agency and our clients while focusing on a strong (no, really) work-life balance? 

Simply put—how do we make our employees happy?

If we’re able to focus on that aspect of what we can control and make smart investments in our employees, we’ll see the overall business succeed. It makes common sense, but it’s harder to do than you might imagine. If the business is not successful then the whole point is moot, right? We’re working very hard at agencyQ at striking the balance between a great environment for our employees and a great agency for our clients.

So when people ask me what I do at agencyQ, I tell them I run the business of the business. What I’m really saying is, I work for my employees in an effort to build a place where they love to come to work. That’s our focus.

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