Selecting the right CMS Platform for your project

CMS, DMS, CXM, EMS… These are just a few of the acronyms that get thrown around by the vendors that are selling digital marketing tools.

It seems that in the bid to make themselves stand out in the crowd, each provider has created new and exciting terminology to make their offering seem different. It’s an approach that I can sympathize with – after all, these solutions are all unique. But the lack of a true common vernacular makes the process of selection dizzying for the digital marketer trying to pick the right tool to meet their mission objectives.

Our objective in this guide is to help standardize this conversation and establish a clear neutral ground where you can decide what options best suit your business.

The Key: Make sure that the process is about the needs of your project and organization.

It is agencyQ’s belief that a large part of this confusion is because the problem is often looked at backwards. Frequently, the conversations are all about what a vendor or a specific partner can offer. That’s not at all where the conversation should begin or end. At no point should the conversation center around a vendor’s capabilities without framing them in the context of how those capabilities help achieve your specific business objectives. Let me make this very simple: Every vendor's solution can accomplish your project. It’s not about them; it’s about you. Your needs, your KPIs, your business.

Our simple "fill-in the blank" CMS Selection Guide will identify the five critical pieces of information needed to find the digital marketing platform that is the best match for your marketing needs.

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