Why Customer Experience Matters for Law Firms

Customer experience is becoming increasingly important for every industry, and law firms are no exception. Look out for these common pain points to help you stay competitive and attract new clients.

Law firm websites have traditionally been brochure-style sites -- heavily focused on information about the industries they serve, their areas of expertise, and attorney bios. While this is all useful and important content, it's often not organized in a way that's intuitive to a potential client looking at the site. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, this was not always seen as a concern, because most firms handled client cultivation in person, through networking and events. Now, however, with a lack of personal interactions, new clients need to be cultivated digitally. This calls for developing sites that are client focused and provide a clear user path. 

agencyQ brings experience solving specific pain points for law firm websites and our user research / customer experience (CX) expertise creates an intuitive next step for users from key pages -- and a potential upsell opportunity for the law firm.

  • No clear user journey to allow users to discover new content
    Potential clients come to a law firm website asking "I have a problem, can this firm solve it?" Current site structures lead to high bounce rates, as once the question is answered, there is no additional content provided. Restructuring in a more client-focused manner will encourage clients to spend time learning about other areas of the firm that could be valuable.
    Law firm websites need to have a clear user journey that promotes the law firm's work by leading the user to discover what is relevant to their issue/question/need.
  • Internal structure often dictates how web content is organized
    Law firm websites are notoriously internal-focused in how they talk about their work and organize their website, and often don't reflect how the user thinks about the subject matter. 
  • A "search-first" strategy can incorrectly weight content 
    Site search is a common pain point. A "search-first" strategy can be challenging to implement, and often leads to differing opinions internally about what content should be weighted for which terms, but is it what the user is looking for?

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