Design Sprints

How Do You Perform Day One of a Design Sprint?

Part Five of a Multi-part Series on Design Thinking & Innovation
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What Are the Benefits of Design Sprints?

Part Four of a Multi-part Series on Design Thinking & Innovation
Human to Human Marketing

What is “Human to Human Marketing”?

It is increasingly vital to target, personalize and humanize your communications in today's digital world. As marketers we must focus on how these types of “human touches” interact. In “Customers Need a Human Touch in Digital Marketing”, agencyQ’s partner, Kentico, looks at the concept of human touch across the core elements of a digital marketing campaign for a hardware store client to illustrate the importance and the interplay between each of the elements.
Why Web Accessibility Matters

Why Web Accessibility Matters

   Web accessibility refers to the practice of using website design and development that removes obstacles of access or usability for people with disabilities. 
Testing Triangle

Automating Mobile Device Quality Assurance

In a perfect world an application would be used on one device, on one browser, on the same operating system. Unfortunately the days of monolithic systems where an application need only be tested on the one device that it was intended for are gone. Today, hundreds of new and old mobile devices are in circulation running different  versions of software using different browsers rendering application in a myriad of different ways. This has severely complicated the testing process and forced testing professionals to radically change their approach. 
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React JS, A Hands On Review

Front-End Development and JavaScript Frameworks When thinking about front-end development, everything boils down to three key areas: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. HTML (HyperText Markup Language) defines the structure of a webpage, CSS (Cascading StyleSheets) describes the styles for your site, and JavaScript handles anything interactive in those pages.

4 Principles of Impactful Charts and Infographics

April 26, 2018, was the first U.S. celebration of International Chart Day , an event to commemorate and raise public awareness of charts and infographics. Krista Hennings, agency Q’s Tech Director of Front End, attended the event and is sharing some tips on data visualization that were reinforced by the event.

Clutch Names agencyQ Leading Digital Agency

agencyQ, an award-winning digital agency located in Washington, D.C., was recognized recently by Clutch as one of the top agencies and developers in Baltimore and D.C.