Three Content Marketing Strategies to Re-Engage Members

How to Re-Engage Lagging and Lapsed Members with Content MarketingMembership-driven associations and social impact organizations are experiencing high rates of non-renewal and overall member stagnation—two trends that any savvy marketing leader wants to improve as quickly as possible.

If your organization is facing this scenario, the good news is that there is a solution. Your existing relationships and history with lapsed and lagging members indicate you already have the baseline data and business intelligence for crafting a re-engagement strategy. 

Here are three content marketing strategies to re-engage and retain members:
  1. Demonstrate why membership matters.

    Often, re-engaging lapsed members can be as simple as reminding them about the professional benefits and industry connections their membership provides. Use your organizational content to showcase the important work you’re doing and highlight how current, active members benefit from being involved.

  2. Reinforce membership’s value.

    Retain lagging members by providing new value through useful resources or content geared specifically to their needs. This approach will re-emphasize your organization’s purpose and specific benefits to your target audiences, reminding members why they joined in the first place.

  3. Deploy content marketing.

    Content marketing requires a constant stream of fresh, relevant content developed for and delivered directly to specific target audiences. Robust marketing platforms can support this content creation, dissemination and tracking in several ways:

• Build content with SEO best practices so it can be found easily by your target audience.

• Analyze your target audience using a data enrichment platform that provides detailed information as well as internally and externally developed analytics and algorithms to help increase the effectiveness of targeted messaging.

• Craft an effective content and outreach strategy based on analyzed information and specific insights from your marketing strategy team.

• Sustain and amplify the content creation process with proven best practices by building a content calendar, planning for editorial coverage, and responding to current events in your industry or around your cause.

• Repurpose existing collateral into new content for redefined audience segments across additional channels.

• Use marketing automation platforms to distribute your content effectively and collect data across your audience segments, enabling increasingly refined targeting and ongoing testing.

agencyQ helps associations by performing content audits, identifying content gaps, researching target audiences, and optimizing content for search engines and member engagement. We track, test, analyze results and improve performance by enhancing your CMS, AMS and CRM platforms, making your organization leaner and more efficient.

If you want to learn how to implement effective content marketing to re-engage your members, drop us a line.

If you want to learn how you can do this for your organization, please come to our deep dive session on "Translating Innovation into Action: Creating Design Sprints for your Association" with Robert S. Poulin and Paige K. Connor at the ASAE Annual Conference.

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