What Are the benefits of Headless CMS?

As noted in our eBook on Headless CMS, while "the concept of the content management system (CMS) has been around for over 20 years," much has changed online. Websites and the internet are now relied-upon resources for informational, transactional and navigational user experiences. The quality of the experience in accessing this information has risen exponentially in importance, dictating how information is disseminated, secured and accessed. 

Headless CMS is gaining attention in the discussion on improving website CX, UX, security, and structure. Audiences expect strategic and engaging brand experiences, and the nature of meeting that demand is so competitive that your audience will find it elsewhere if their expectations fall short.

The benefits and flexibility of a Headless CMS resonate with audiences largely due to the separated structure, increasing accessibility and ease of future implementation. The reasons why a CMS with a separate front and backend can be so successful are as follows:

Availability & Compatibility
  • All content is accessible on any device pushed from one backend API
  • Web applications are not affected if the CMS application goes offline
  • The Content Repository Model can easily handle receiving data as well as distributing it
Improved CX
  • Priority is placed on content creation
  • Content can be prescriptively delivered and targeted
  • Pages progressively loads as you scroll, no need for endless scrolling
  • Reusability of content ensures consistent brand messaging 
Faster time-to-market
  • All updates are pushed across all digital properties
  • Consideration for how content displays on different platforms is unnecessary
  • Allows the reuse and combining of individual pieces of content
Flexibility & Scalability
  • Allows the freedom to build a frontend tailored to your project
  • Developers can spend more time focusing on content creation rather than content management
  • No downtime is needed for maintenance
  • Upgrade and customize website without compromising performance
  • Lowers your risk of DDoS attacks, as the content publishing platform isn’t accessible from the CMS database 

For more information, look to our downloadable eBook, Headless CMS: Putting Your Content First, to read more about showcasing your content and improving overall customer experience.

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