What Exactly is CX?

Organizations can't count on traditional marketing and sales practices anymore. Reaching your audience isn't just about catching their attention- it requires making life easier for them. Successful organizations provide seamless, simple, low-effort, and rewarding experiences for their customers. Customer Experience (CX) puts the customer at the center of an organization to make it easier to engage and meet your customers' needs within every interaction. This includes providing utility at every touchpoint across all channels and at every stage of the customer lifecycle. 

CX is an audiences' perception of a brand
from all interactions with that organization.

Creating positive CX is the difference between longterm success and ultimate failure for organizations of all types. Most organizations already have the information to improve their customer experience. By leveraging customer data, organizations can understand who the target audience is and what their needs and pain points are. Organizations must utilize this knowledge to improve each step along their customer journeys by following the Four E's:

  • Eliminate Bad Experiences - turn them into Neutral Experiences
  • Enhance Neutral Experiences - do what you can to make them Good Experiences
  • Energize Good Experiences - go from Good to Great
  • Effectively Amplify Great Experiences – lean into your strengths and use Great Experiences to communicate and reinforce your customer-centricity

A successful CX strategy not only solves your customers' problems, but matches how they interact with the brand and pushes them down the funnel towards the desired outcome. 

While simple in concept, Customer Experience is a complex combination of strategy and technical implementation. The real challenge for marketers and salespeople is designing experiences at and around touchpoints across all channels that improve the audiences' perception of the brand. Making the process simple for the audience to accomplish their goals, while engaging enough to drive them down the funnel towards conversion is the ultimate goal for building a successful customer experience strategy.

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