How Government and Private Sector CX Strategies Converge

Design Thinking-v01Customer experience is now at the forefront of every government agency's digital strategy. The 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act (IDEA) and the President's Management Agenda have focused on improving CX internally and externally. The strategies, objectives and measurements of CX success in government increasingly dovetail with those in the private sector. The value of great CX in government revolves around reducing duplication (Efficiency), increasing transparency and increasing employee and user satisfaction with government services (Effectiveness).

It is interesting to compare and contrast the elements of success and KPIs for mission-oriented government agencies vs. commercial sales and revenue-driven organizations. We've been witnessing and working on the convergence of best practices and strategies for customer experience, citizen experience and employee experience with our federal and commercial clients. There are more similarities in the development and design of CX strategy across government and industry than ever before.

All organizations face similar CX challenges and want answers to the same questions:

  • Who are our customers?
  • What is their customer journey?
  • How do we map their journeys and use data to know how and when best to improve their journey?
  • How is the customer experience relate to and is different than customer service?
  • How does our employee experience enhance or detract from customer experience?

What is common across organizations in addressing those challenges is that the use of human-centered design is key to understanding where and how best to engage. Gathering and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data through deep discovery, stakeholder surveys and interviews, persona development, journey mapping and observed behaviors is key to developing a successful CX and personalization strategy.

The development of an integrated technology strategy that powers and amplifies the CX strategy is also critical. Managing content, providing insights, automating systems of engagement and analyzing and enriching operational data from systems & transactions should be used to efficiently unify all elements of a CX strategy across an enterprise.

Knowing the value of CX is important, but having a partner with the experience to develop a winning strategy and the technical expertise to implement it is key. Drop us a line or read our case studies to see how agencyQ can enhance your organization's personalization. 

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