American Farm Bureau Federation

    American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) is an independent NGO representing farmers and ranchers united in the purpose of analyzing agricultural issues, providing education and economic opportunity, and advocating on their behalf.
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    Areas of Focus

    Digital Transformation:
    Strategy and Execution
    Loyalty Program Development
    CMS and CRM Integration

    AFBF needed to enhance its engagement with its many members throughout the United States. With an eight-year-old site and no ability to manage content, promotions or communications to promote membership benefits, AFBF struggled to successfully deliver benefits to members.

    American Farm Bureau American Farm Bureau American Farm Bureau

    agencyQ created a new member advantage website capturing the spirit of AFBF’s brand while providing rapid access to the benefits and services relevant to each member. The critical function of the site is the ability for members to create discount certificates from AFBF partners including Grainger, Case Agriculture, Polaris and General Motors. To create this personalized promotional platform, agencyQ upgraded to EPiServer CMS and integrated AFBF’s CRM to match members to their needs.

    With an integrated CRM and EPiServer CMS, AFBF was able to geo-target and personalize member communications, allowing effective promotion of the new site. agencyQ also streamlined the user experience by centralizing all promotions and subsites into one main digital property, improving ease of content management for AFBF staff and access to AFBF resources for members.


    Since the launch of the consolidated promotional site, over 40,000 discount certificates have been delivered to members, resulting in over 150 million in non-dues revenue generated through the program. AFBF staff has benefitted from the simplified content management process of the centralized new site and the ability to reach their members directly. Additionally, the UX enhancements improved engagement by providing a single, streamlined digital channel for members to receive targeted benefits and communications from AFBF. (1)