American Farm Bureau

American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) is an independent, non-governmental organization representing farm and ranch families united in the purpose of analyzing their issues and providing education, economic opportunity and social advancement to promote the national well-being.


AFBF, the second-largest member organization in the U.S., needed to enhance their engagement with hundreds of thousands of members throughout the United States. With an eight-year-old site, and no ability to manage content or promotions and no ability to interact with AFBF’s members to promote membership benefits, AFBF struggled to successfully deliver benefits to members.


American Farm Bureau Federation screenshot

agencyQ created a new Member Advantage website capturing the spirit of AFBF’s brand while providing rapid access to the benefits and services relevant to each member. The centerpiece of the Member Advantage website is the ability for individual members to access discount programs specifically built for them and create personalized discount certificates for products from companies such as General Motors and Polaris. Using EPiServer’s powerful features, agencyQ created the ability to geo-target content that highlights relevant benefits and promotions. agencyQ also integrated the Member Advantage website and AFBF's member database and CRM system to provide explicit management of local services, benefits and member profile information, as well as creation of discount certificates tied specifically to individual members and their membership status and rules based eligibility for discounts. 

  • Leveraged EPiServer to create a successful promotion platform for major partnerships, including Grainger, Case Agriculture, Polaris and General Motors.
  • Streamlined user experience by culminating all promotions into one website instead of separate partner sites.
  • Enabled control of content for marketing and partnership teams through the implementation of EPiServer CMS and integration of CRM. 


Over 40,000 discount certificates generated with over 16,000 vehicles sold through certificate program. Over $150M in revenue generated through the program.

Thomas B.
Their understanding, flexibility, and communication regarding difficult topics has really impressed us.
- Thomas B. | American Farm Bureau Federation