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One of the nation’s fastest-growing healthcare providers, Ascension Health was looking to transform how they used digital to engage patients and drive satisfaction and elective procedure consideration across the patient lifecycle.  To realize this opportunity, they sought the power of AgencyQ’s methodology and tenacious focus on client service and delivery.
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The Challenge

First, Ascension’s Bariatric specialty patient engagement efforts were underperforming, resulting in badly attended surgical seminars, the precursor to electing a surgical option and meeting with an Ascension Bariatric specialist. 

Second, Ascension’s Pediatric specialty was expanding into a new hospital center, with little support for driving awareness and physician referral activity from primary care physicians that specialty hospitals rely upon. To ensure they could move quickly to help these specialty practices realize their business potential, they turned to AgencyQ. 
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The Solution

AgencyQ captured segment-specific insights across site visitors, to ensure digital impact during the critical ‘moments that matter’ when selecting a specialty healthcare option.  For bariatric patients, the insight was reduced anxiety about surgical options led to taking ‘the next step.’  With an enhanced experience design that maximized white space and reduced content volume, the experience showed a clear process for addressing their health issues.   

For pediatrics, the insight was that primary care docs adopt a “prove it to me” mindset when looking for pediatric specialists for their patients and their anxious parents.  A revised interaction design prioritized pediatric specialists' prior successes, and the content strategy prioritized short, ‘by the numbers’ presentation to provide evidence-based support for referring providers. 

For both groups, AgencyQ’s solution reflected Ascension’s overall strategy to use digital to complement the high standard of care that patients would expect from Ascension Health. 
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The Results

Ascension received a dramatic increase in patient seminar registrations, their KPI for digital outreach.  Additionally, more patient candidates were reaching out to confer with physicians, and doing this earlier in the process, a key driver of healthier post-surgical outcomes.   The Studer Hospital site, originally intended to be a temporary support for the new building’s launch, is now in continuous use and is driving physician referral activity above benchmarks.
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