Children’s National Health System

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Children’s National Health System was among the first children’s hospitals in the U.S., established in 1870. A teaching hospital with multiple care centers and intensive care units, Children’s is nationally recognized as one of the nation’s top pediatric facilities, excelling in over 10 pediatric specialties.


The team always makes themselves available around our schedules. I can’t think of any time they’ve missed a deadline, and they let us know how things are going.

The Challenge

Given their position as a top pediatric hospital, Children’s National Hospital System (CNHS) attracted many international patients seeking medical treatment across a variety of conditions. Their legacy website, however, was not architected to support a modern multi-segment, multichannel digital marketing campaign ecosystem – nor was it supported by an optimal digital content development and deployment infrastructure. To ensure they could realize the international opportunity their reputation had earned, they turned to agencyQ.


The Solution

agencyQ’s expertise across human centered experience design and flexible, component-based design architectures enabled CNHS to stand up a digital platform that would catapult their digital marketing and engage their international audiences and convert them at benchmark beating rates. Building on stakeholder interviews to understand the needs and drivers of these specialty target audiences and identify what differentiates Children’s from other leading hospitals, the agencyQ team took a human centered approach to develop multiple personas reflecting CNHS’s international customers and audiences - prioritizing ease of information access and the specific needs of Arabic, Mandarin, and Spanish visitors.

As a Sitecore partner, agencyQ drew on its technical expertise to architect CNHS’s new, personalized website leveraging Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA). This allowed the CNHS team to incorporate content earlier in the development process and facilitated content repurposing quickly and flexibly across languages, audience profiles, and content formats. The persona-based approach accounted for cultural preferences to provide critical health information clearly and consistently, across channels, to inspire confidence in CNHS’s ability to deliver life-saving treatments to its patients.


The Results

Since launch, CNHS is receiving higher visitor engagement rates on their new sites, resulting in an increase in revenue from international patient arrivals attributable to digital marketing efforts. Further, CNHS is able to see results from digital marketing activities faster and appreciates having agencyQ as their digital experience partner in getting things done!