As the world's foremost Standards & Labeling experts, CLASP works with policymakers, regulators, manufacturers, and consumers around the world to improve appliance energy efficiency.


CLASP first came to agencyQ in 2011 with a dated site design and an inflexible content management platform. agencyQ addressed the challenges by implementing the Sitecore CMS, along with a custom database that held CLASP’s complex policy information. agencyQ also delivered a more modern user interface, greatly improving the architecture and the design of the site. Following a successful rollout of the redesigned site, agencyQ continued to partner with CLASP for ongoing maintenance and smaller scale projects.

CLASP then reengaged agencyQ in 2013 as they were in the midst of a large brand refresh—rolling out a new mission statement, messaging, and visual system—aimed at attracting new donors and raising awareness of the CLASP mission. CLASP needed to transform their site from one that spoke primarily to policymakers and industry experts to one that would connect with a broader audience. CLASP looked to agencyQ for recommendations on how to improve the user experience, design and functionality of the site with this goal in mind.


CLASP - Sitecore Digital Marketing screenshot

To help CLASP better connect with donors, while still maintaining CLASP’s current relationship with policymakers and industry experts, agencyQ:

  • Created a clean, fresh design and build on Sitecore CMS that adhered to existing brand for an international audience.
  • Assessed content and overhauled information architecture for optimal usability.
  • Extended a print-based visual system to work for the web, bringing the static designs to life to help tell CLASP’s story.
  • Overhauled the architecture of select sections of the site to make them more compelling to users and increase previously low traffic.
  • Developed an interactive map demonstrating CLASP’s presence around the world in a visual manner.
  • Designed an intuitive search interface to sift through mass amount of complex policy data Provided strategic support, working with CLASP to evaluate the content and intention for key pages.
  • Deployed the updated version of the site.
  • Completed a CMS upgrade to Sitecore 7 with minimal down time or disruption to the front-end experience.


CLASP has received praise from internal stakeholders, as well as their global partners, on the redesigned site. agencyQ continues to be a trusted partner for CLASP, and continues to provide ongoing strategic and technical support for the organization.