The Collaborative Labeling and Appliance Standards Program (CLASP) works with policymakers, regulators, manufacturers and consumers around the world to improve appliance energy efficiency.
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    Areas of Focus

    Website Redesign
    Sitecore CMS Implementation

    CLASP had a dated site design and an inflexible content management platform that both were inhibiting organizational growth. With a forthcoming full brand refresh that included a new mission, messaging and visual system, CLASP came to agencyQ for help attracting new donors and raising awareness of the CLASP mission. The CLASP site needed to transform from being focused on policymakers and industry experts to connecting with a broader audience such as donors and the public. 


    agencyQ improved CLASP's website functionality by upgrading the site to Sitecore 7 CMS with minimal down time or disruption to the front-end experience. Combined with a custom database for holding policy information, the new site streamlined internal processes. agencyQ delivered a modernized user interface that aligned with CLASP's new branding, which greatly improved the architecture and design of the site to help users navigate CLASP's resources. 

    To connect CLASP with new audiences while upholding CLASP's leadership to industry experts and policymakers, agencyQ overhauled the architecture of select sections of the site to make them more compelling to users and increase traffic, including creation of an interactive impact map. Additionally, agencyQ designed an intuitive search interface to sift through high volumes of complex policy data.


    With agencyQ's implementation of Sitecore CMS, CLASP saw cost-saving reductions in time spent creating and managing content. The enhanced search function and site architecture improved usability for CLASP's member resources. agencyQ's site design, technical implementation and strategic consultation enabled CLASP to successfully refresh its brand and digital presence. 

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