Council of Better Business Bureaus

    The Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB) is the network hub for Better Business Bureaus in the United States and Canada.
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    Areas of Focus

    Website Redesign
    Episerver CMS Implementation

    CBBB approached agencyQ with a need to migrate from their failing custom CMS that supported all state and local BBBs, as well as the national Council site and thousands of users a day. As the national network of BBBs, the Council had to support a complex set of business requirements governing URLs, content generation, content re-use and workflows. CBBB and agencyQ worked to develop an architecture that federated the sites into a unified EPiServer framework to support the requirements and migrate data from the existing system.


    agencyQ developed a robust and extensible system architecture and approach leveraging EPiServer’s extensibility to accommodate complex business requirements and leveraging EPiServer’s built-in capability to manage distinct display logic, business logic and content governance rules. This powerful capability allowed agencyQ to assist CBBB with taking a very complex and piecemeal system of hand-built software and replaced it with an organized, efficient and effective EPiServer platform that is far easier to maintain and support – even with CBBB’s very complex set of business rules and requirements.

    To improve content creators' and CBBB teams' ability to manage content and internal processes, agencyQ effectively employed the EPiServer security and user role framework to provide granular permissions among many organizational stakeholders. The CMS upgrade enhanced site security and reduced CBBB overhead costs by streamlining processes. 


    CBBB has reported significantly higher pageviews, time spent on page, and lower drop-off rates since the redesign. Search performance improved significantly and search now drives a significant portion of website interactions. CBBB was able to retire an antiquated system that that required extremely specialized knowledge in maintaining custom software code. agencyQ continues their partnership with CBBB, providing ongoing consulting for development, governance and maintenance.