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CTIA represents the U.S. wireless communications industry. From carriers and equipment manufacturers to mobile app developers and content creators, they bring together a dynamic group of companies that enable consumers to lead a 21st Century connected life. When CTIA needed help optimizing their website after a brand refresh, they engaged agencyQ.

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agencyQ is wonderful to work with. Their help updating our technology and strategically redesigning our sites has really helped our content engagement. We’ve saved a lot of resources through our partnership


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The Challenge

CTIA’s internal development team was struggling with the system in place to manage their website. It was cumbersome to make any type of updates and was taking valuable time away from their team. They also had challenges with different web properties that were disjointed. In addition to being expensive to host and manage, their presentation was distracting audiences from engaging with their content, particularly on mobile devices. CTIA wanted to resolve technological inefficiencies preventing their team from making timely updates, as well as better deliver their content to their audiences.

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The Solution

Our experience building and designing sites with the customer in mind made all the difference on this project. agencyQ began by streamlining CTIA’s technology processes through effective platform and automation updates, solving their internal technical challenges. After CTIA saw how helpful this was, they engaged agencyQ to expand our scope of work and help with other issues. CTIA’s numerous digital assets were audited and migrated to the new site and newly created subsites. Based on insights from brand owners and additional customer research, the team launched multiple new subsites to better deliver a personalized experience for CTIA’s customers. This new navigation and information architecture offered customers relevant content in a connected digital environment. The sites elegantly featured the new branding which promoted a unified experience, but also allowed customers to dive deeper into more specific, tailored content for their needs. Customers seamlessly get the wireless information they need, and feel confident in their ability to connect safely.

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How agencyQ Makes Personalization Count

This project with CTIA is ongoing. CTIA’s streamlined digital platform and process automation allowed staff members to operate more efficiently, saving CTIA valuable time and money. CTIA saw increased site traffic and engagement after the new site and subsites were launched, increasing overall customer satisfaction. agencyQ's mobile experience improvements to CTIA's properties more than doubled mobile users and mobile sessions year over year.

Mobile users increased by 103% and sessions 111%. We continue to work with CTIA on support and maintenance, and other special digital event initiatives.

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