Earth Fare

    Earth Fare is a growing national chain of health-conscious supermarkets whose mission is to be the most trusted organic and natural food market in the country.
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    Areas of Focus

    Branding Strategy
    Demand Generation
    CMS & CRM Integration
    Customer Experience (CX)

    Earth Fare’s former holiday food ordering system was ineffective for their growth model. Earth Fare needed a reservation tool that grows the customer base and topline sales during the holiday season and throughout the year with catering campaigns. The system also needed to help Earth Fare more efficiently manage their inventory of turkeys across stores to help reduce wasted inventory and prevent shortage. 

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    agencyQ worked with Earth Fare to develop a simple and user-friendly food ordering tool that provides positive user experience for the customer and data insights for Earth Fare. agencyQ first undertook comprehensive market research to build customer profiles. Along with functionality, agencyQ designed the tool to communicate Earth Fare's values and engage their target audience. agencyQ developed a customized, seamless workflow to improve food reservation and pickup with the tool. 

    To handle seasonal volume fluctuations, agencyQ built the tool on a powerful platform with a backend inventory management system integrated with the customer-side tool that allowed internal teams to efficiently manage inventory transfers. Additionally, agencyQ developed a robust reporting system that includes behavior trend and order data for Earth Fare employees filling the order and management to review sales trends and business growth forecasting. 


    During the first Thanksgiving season, Earth Fare’s food ordering tool processed more than $2 million in sales, with the busiest single hour of the campaign being responsible for $161,000. The tool provided an enhanced ordering and customer experience that engaged users and grew Earth Fare's customer base. agencyQ enabled Earth Fare to target their marketing campaigns more effectively, and allowed inventory optimizations that reduced waste with the data provided from the internal-facing tool.

    Earth Fare-02 (1) Earth Fare-01 (1) Earth Fare-03 (1)