National Cherry Blossom Festival

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    After 10 years with the same website, the National Cherry Blossom Festival came to agencyQ for a redesigned that embodied the fresh, vivid and energizing elements of the National Cherry Blossom Festival brand.

    Areas of Focus

    Branding Strategy
    Digital Transformation

    The National Cherry Blossom Festival wanted to revamp their online presence with a website that reflected their brand and sent targeted information to their users that aligned with their goals. Since the festival is seasonal, the National Cherry Blossom Festival’s website had to be able to handle high levels of traffic over a very short period of time, and their responsive web design had to be catered to the needs of their mobile users.

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    To meet this challenge, agencyQ:

    • Implemented WordPress CMS infrastructure to facilitate the creation and distribution of dynamic content with minimal technical or design resources. 
    • Constructed an interactive, visually-striking homepage experience.
    • Created a simplified framework appealing to the Festival’s audience, including visitors, residents, stakeholders, sponsors and media.
    • Targeted responsive viewers with parking information and other targeted pieces of content that would be most valuable to mobile users.
    • Optimized the server to be able to handle high levels of page views in short periods of time during peak traffic season.
    • Provided comprehensive avenues to receive information, including feeds from events, latest news, Twitter, Facebook, video, photos and the official Festival newsletter.

    Improved tracking of unique visits, impressions and time spent on the site.

    CB-01 CB-02 CB-03