National Institute of Health (NIH)

    The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) is a division of the National Library of Medicine within NIH and is responsible for developing new information technologies to aid in the understanding of fundamental molecular and genetic processes that control health and disease. One of the most widely trafficked government properties, NCBI’s PubMed is the largest library of published medical research.
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    Areas of Focus

    Digital Design
    Strategy and Execution
    Citizen Experience (CX)

    Like many government agencies, NCBI was mandated to improve its citizen experience, making it easier for scientists, doctors and researchers to find and report key information. With limited bandwidth and expertise internally to fulfill this challenge, NCBI required an objective third party to formulate and execute a strategy of process and technology enhancement on an aggressive timeline. NCBI partnered with agencyQ to bring our strategic, creative and technical expertise in order to improve its CX and overall digital strategy. 


    Many of agencyQ’s user experience, visual design and technical teams have become deeply embedded with the NCBI team to understand the key challenges and functional dynamics of each group. agencyQ began by examining NCBI’s broad user base to build out personas to reach and serve its target audiences more effectively. Based on the needs of NCBI's personas, agencyQ developed a more intuitive and effective workflow and user experience for NCBI’s submissions portal, where scientists upload genetic sequences/research data in order to receive their accession number for publishing. 

    To promote the Medical Genetics Group (MGG) within NCBI, agencyQ developed a cohesive marketing strategy and created associated supporting collateral. This strategy includes analyzing existing NCBI resources and providing recommendations for improvements as well as mapping out a digital engagement plan and developing digital, print and video resources. 

    For all NCBI projects, agencyQ provides project management support and copywriting to help keep work on track and effectively communicate with NCBI’s constituents across multiple concurrent projects. agencyQ provides front end development support to multiple ongoing projects with user interfaces designed to be highly functional, secure, efficient and 508 compliant. Additionally, agencyQ facilitates design sprints with multi-departmental groups of internal stakeholders to resolve key strategic challenges through guided brainstorming and discussion sessions.


    Qualitative improvements have enabled significant progress toward NCBI’s directive, while quantitative data to support the impact of agencyQ’s work will be available in the near future. The design, functionality and marketing enhancements will drive engagement and improve user experience among NCBI's diverse audiences. As one of the first outside agencies brought in to work with NCBI, agencyQ’s rigorous sprint reviews and feedback processes ensure efficient progress is made on NCBI’s objectives and serve the mission of the NIH.