National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

    The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) studies and reports on the oceans, waterways and the atmosphere. The Office of Aquaculture within NOAA researches marine ecosystems and regulates fishing and species protection activities.
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    Areas of Focus

    Website Redesign
    User Experience (UX)
    Digital Transformation

    NOAA's Traceability Information Program for Seafood (TIPS) system for registering seafood producers and listing farming sales data had an ineffective user portal that impacted UX. TIPS needed to redesign their workflow and digital presence to engage users, simplify the signup process, and communicate their mission. The tool needed to be secure, stable, integrated with NOAA technology, and intuitive for a broad range of users. 


    To achieve compliance with federal usability requirements, agencyQ undertook comprehensive audits across a variety of heuristic and technical metrics to understand the audience and obstacles to improvement. From the findings, agencyQ delivered a series of recommendations on creating effective user workflows.

    Among the improvements, agencyQ designed error messaging and validation checks to provide users with confirmation of data receipt and prevent errant data collection. agencyQ redesigned the portal interface to enhance the user experience for TIPS' varied audiences. 


    agencyQ's forthcoming new design will express NOAA's mission more effectively to their varied audience of technical and industry professionals. The streamlined workflow will enhance user experience and improve data collection rates. With the new portal in a modernized interface, agencyQ's work will enable more accurate and complete data to support NOAA's research and oversight activities.