National School Board Association

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    The National Schools Boards Association is a federated organization comprised of 50 state executive directors, who oversee more than 90,000 state school board members. NSBA works with state school board associations to advocate for public education at the national level to promote equity and excellence through school board governance.

    Areas of Focus

    Website Redesign
    Website Development
    Sitecore CMS Implementation

    With competing internal concerns about content presentation and messaging, NSBA had been unable to develop a compelling communications strategy or online presence to reach their target audience. Because of this, NSBA's digital approach was fragmented across their various business units, preventing them from achieving their three key goals of increasing advocacy capabilities, delivering greater value to members and driving revenue through current and prospective business partners.

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    agencyQ led a 6-month discovery and strategy phase with NSBA in which we audited their digital properties, led stakeholder interviews with NSBA staff, board members and state schoolboard communications staff, and conducted a brand audit and competitive analysis through social listening / monitoring.

    The discovery phase showed that internal competition and shifting priorities were compromising the efficacy of NSBA’s message and the value of their brand. It found that users’ sentiment about NSBA was overwhelmingly neutral. The lack of significant negative and positive feedback is an indicator that users are generally underwhelmed and are looking for stronger, focused messaging from the organization. To resolve this, agencyQ helped craft clearer, more effective messaging that resonated with NSBA’s audience and could be implemented through engaging site design.

    For the UX & Design phases, agencyQ needed to strategically consolidate different business units’ content under one visual umbrella that would reinforce NSBA’s brand, while maintaining differentiation between units. agencyQ created a visual style guide that was more modern and matched the tone of the NBSA brand and messaging, including new typography, color palettes and logo suggestions. The design was created to be clean and simple, but still flexible for those responsible for content to leverage NSBA’s diverse content types. agencyQ resolved content findability issues with a new navigation that organizes information and elevates key content throughout the site. The new site was built on and migrated to Sitecore to allow NSBA the ability to scale their digital presence with their organizational growth.


    With the launch of the newly redesigned site, NSBA is now able to provide the content and resources their members find valuable while delivering redeveloped messaging and thought leadership that engages members. Using Sitecore’s powerful customer experience abilities also enables NSBA to create personalized campaigns that drive impact towards their advocacy and development goals on a stable, scalable platform.

    NSBA home NSBA events NSBA resources