Tyco Flow Control

    Tyco Flow Control (TFC) is a leading global supplier of flow management, water and environmental systems, and thermal control solutions.
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    Areas of Focus

    Digital Transformation
    Web Redesign

    As Tyco Flow Control’s global reach expanded, it was unable to effectively leverage its online presence to reach its broad audience. Through a series of corporate reorganizations, Tyco Flow Control was left with a collection of disparate digital properties and a technology stack incapable of handling its content development and distribution needs. This lack of brand cohesion in TFC’s digital properties also resulted in TFC having ineffectual, muddied messaging across its sites,  preventing TFC from achieving its marketing goals. agencyQ was brought in to create a refreshed brand that organized TFC’s online presence, improved user experience, and enhanced TFC’s ability to control content on its website. 

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    By leading user research and stakeholder workshops, agencyQ identified the needs of TFC's audiences and created strategic recommendations for developing targeted messaging to reach them. With TFC’s target audience in mind, agencyQ redesigned and developed the TFC website to enhance site navigation, consolidate the brand identity and improve user experience for TFC’s customers. agencyQ managed the process of merging the more than 200 sites into the comprehensive new TFC brand style and built a messaging strategy to tie them together with site copy and style guide improvements to bring all of TFC’s resources under one brand.

    To enhance Tyco's content management abilities, agencyQ reviewed TFC’s internal processes and site requirements, selected the most effective CMS for reaching TFC’s multinational audience, and implemented the CMS. agencyQ then performed a complex content migration for TCF's many properties, allowing TFC stronger control over its outreach and site content. 


    agencyQ's site design improvements and consolidated digital properties enhanced Tyco's customer experience, helping to grow topline revenue. With the newly developed cohesive brand style and voice, agencyQ's efforts connected TFC's disparate properties and modernized the brand. agencyQ improved content management speed and simplicity for TFC’s in-house teams with a new CMS and conducted comprehensive training on the new platform.

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