U.S. DoE, Office of Science

The U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Science is the lead federal government agency supporting fundamental scientific research for energy and the Nation’s largest supporter of basic research in the physical sciences.


With a dated site design and confusing information architecture and user experience, Office of Science approached Q to implement Sitecore CMS in order to provide a platform to communicate the organizational value of the Office of Science with the Federal Government and the general public and to clearly articulate the importance of its work and mission to American public and scientific community. 


U.S. DoE, Office of Science

To help the Office of Science better connect their target audience with the importance of its work and mission, agencyQ:

  • Customized the Sitecore Content Management System for the use across sub-departments of the Office of Science.

  • Constructed an interactive and visually striking web experience.

  • Created audience portals for scientists, academics, students, government officials and the general public.


Implementing Sitecore for the Office of Science has laid the foundation for growth and collaboration across the many teams and sub-departments. Sitecore has provided them with robust analytics data that allows content editors to make informed decisions about their content, ensuring information is accurate, timely and effective in reaching their multiple target audiences.