U.S. DoE Office of Science

The Department of Energy Office of Science is the single largest supporter of basic research in the physical sciences in the U.S. and responsible for the publication of thousands of scientific research pieces to support a wide array of customers, from scientific researchers to the general public, congressional staff, and other federal agencies. 


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The Office of Science faced a daunting challenge: ensure thousands of pieces of complex, structured and unstructured scientific content, is made available efficiently to the right customers and users without wasting thousands of DoE man hours in the migration and on-going upkeep of that content.  They needed something effective, efficient, scalable, and adaptable to enable the citizen experience (CX) at scale.

In addition, the Office of Science needed to put the citizen experience front-and-center while overcoming myriad complex user personas.  They needed the right content delivered to the right person, at the right time across any channel at scale with a laser focus on the customer experience (CX).


An always on, always personalized customer experience is delivering 1-to-1 engagement at scale. agencyQ leveraged the industry leading Sitecore® Experience Platform platform and agencyQ's FiF® Natural Language Processing solution to read and organize thousands of pieces of content, creating adaptive content clusters around key concepts.  Using FiF and Artificial Intelligence driven automation, agencyQ took the critical step of automating the matching of NLP derived concepts to personas to create an adaptive and personalized digital experience.  As a result, the content is more accessible, reliable, and relevant to users, enabling them to interact more naturally with the site, as well as reducing the burden on government resources to keep content organized and updated.

Through the implementation of FiF, agencyQ delivered:

  • An always on, always personalized citizen experience (CX) platform that puts the "We" in "We the people"
  • A reduced the workload on government resources
  • A new persona-driven, CX focused digital property to serve the scientific community and citizens of the United States
  • A future ready platform ready to deliver an omni-channel experience with a lower TCO using FiF automation and NLP

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 Time to value, at scale.  With Sitecore Experience Platform and FiF agencyQ delivered:

  •  An estimated 4-7 man-years of saved time in content migration using FiF and countless man-years moving forward using automated content tagging and categorization
  • A dramatically improved CX, integrating Sitecore's persona driven personalization and matching it with relevant concepts from the Office of Science's rich content repository via FiF
  • Reducing by half the time spent finding relevant content using Coveo's search combined with FiF's ability to match search facets to NLP extracted concept topics
  • Significant improvement in the transparency of government data by using FiF to ingest both unstructured and structured data and creating a visual search of the impact of Office of Science grants