U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

    The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides US military veterans with a wide range of healthcare and financial services. The VA's Continuous Readiness in Information Security Program (CRISP) was designed to increase the infosec awareness of the VA's workers and improve security for VA information.
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    Areas of Focus

    Sitecore CMS Implementation
    Digital Transformation
    Citizen Experience (CX)

    With the initiation of CRISP, the VA needed the ability to communicate and collaborate across disparate offices and operations to a wide variety of stakeholders. The goal was to foster an information security-aware mindset among the VA’s 400,000 employees, contractors, volunteers and affiliates. This would require a platform capable of handling high volumes of traffic, efficiently disseminating various forms of content to a broad audience and flexing to meet the organizational needs of the VA. 

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    To achieve the mission of the CRISP program, agencyQ designed a space for information security content and discussion to be relayed. agencyQ created The Water Cooler (TWC), a virtual community for VA staff to manage, activate and reuse infosec-related work. TWC emphasizes teamwork—the ability to form and utilize teams and promote actions within initiatives that support proper practices with the VA's sensitive information. 

    agencyQ built TWC on Sitecore to leverage its stability, security and powerful content management features. With 400,000 stakeholders to reach, agencyQ enabled internal VA teams to easily create and manage infosec content and resources and deliver content targeted to specified audiences. The Sitecore platform on which agencyQ developed TWC also facilitates ongoing discussion around information security. 


    agencyQ's The Water Cooler program allowed more effective discussion regarding information security. VA users are engaged with appropriate, relevant content that VA teams easily can create and deliver through Sitecore. With a centralized hub for infosec materials and conversation, the VA can make progress on CRISP's mission of improving awareness and readiness in their broad audiences. 

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