CTIA The Wireless Association

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    CTIA represents the U.S. wireless communications industry, from carriers and equipment manufacturers to mobile app developers and content creators, enabling consumers to lead a 21st Century connected life.

    Areas of Focus

    Digital Transformation:
    Strategy & Execution

    CTIA originally began as the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association, but now represents a much broader scope of the wireless industry. CTIA went through a strategic repositioning and rebranding to become CTIA the Wireless Association, including a redesign of their main website, CTIA.org.

    When the former agency that they used for the redesign was unable to continue managing the new website post-launch, agencyQ was able to navigate this critical time by streamlining their digital processes, more effectively promoting their events, news, and activities.

    CTIA_01 CTIA_02 CTIA_03

    agencyQ's expertise with headless CMS architectures and complex infrastructures allowed immediate improvements:

    • Stabilizing their website
    • Continuing to support the main website
    • Migrating multiple subsites representing key CTIA programs into the headless environment
    • Adapting CTIA branding for each sub-brand

    Within 2 weeks, agencyQ drastically simplified their environment and deployment processes, enabling CTIA's development team to progress on their backlog of work. By doing that quickly, agencyQ established trust and reliability as a partner who could produce for CTIA, and will continue assisting their digital transformation strategy and execution, enabling greater impact for their members and constituents.

    Several of the new subsites are due to launch this summer. Having the sites in the new simplified environment reduces the burden on CTIA staff significantly and enables these programs to more effectively reach their target audiences, which range from consumers to large corporate donors. Our familiarity with the CTIA environment and code structure has allowed us to reuse components across multiple sites, furthering a sense of consistency to the digital experience as well as saving CTIA time and money.

    CTIA_01 CTIA_02 CTIA_03