Whether it’s converting online prospects into buyers, enabling customers to self-service, or equipping employees to become proficient - Coveo believes that to prosper, an Enterprise needs to be relevant to each individual, at every point of interaction.



Making Business Personal

Coveo's mission is to transform your business by helping deliver more personalized experiences at scale, by ensuring that every customer, partner, and employee has contextually relevant information at every touchpoint of their journey.

  • Content Personalization
  • Website Search
  • Customer Communities
  • Customer Self-Service
  • Coveo for Commerce
  • Contact Centers
  • Dealer Portals
  • Partner Portals
  • Employee Portals
  • Enterprise Search
  • Intranets & Knowledge Management

Cloud-Based AI-Powered Search and Recommendations

Coveo is committed to helping businesses unlock the power of their content and data to maximize their performance. As one of the first organizations to embrace the cloud, they evolved their own enterprise search technology, enhancing it with proprietary AI and machine learning capabilities, sharpening focus on business relevance. Their search optimization features further contextualize and personalize the search experience for each user automatically.

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Relevance Transformation

As enterprises evolve to embrace more digital channels and routes to market, Coveo helps with the transformation to be more relevant. Coveo delivers the best information at the right moment proactively from across your entire information ecosystem, including cloud and on-premises sources.