UFP Industries

Sitecore Upgrade Leads to Optimal Customer Journeys

UFPI Tablet

With a focus on customer personas, AgencyQ upgraded the UFP Industries website and three corresponding vertical-focused sites onto a new Sitecore platform, using Sitecore Experience Accelerator. This has resulted in optimal customer journeys across all four sites. 


The Challenge

UFPI was having a lot of underlying issues with their site. From a technical perspective, they needed to upgrade their Sitecore Content Management System (CMS) but implementation wasn’t in a place where they could scale or do so efficiently. From a brand perspective, their site focused more on their holding company in its entirety, vs. the vertical architecture they wanted to shift to. Their team didn’t have the internal bandwidth or expertise to solve both the technical Sitecore issues as well as the content expertise to redesign effectively.


The Solution

Our experience building, designing and structuring sites made us a perfect fit for this project. As a Sitecore partner, AgencyQ has deep experience in the platform. We upgraded their website and three corresponding vertical-focused sites onto a new Sitecore platform. We utilized Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) to allow the teams to work in parallel to share and repurpose content across sites and update content with a component based design approach.

AgencyQ researched UFPI’s customer personas to reflect optimal customer journeys across the four sites. The sites each have their own look and feel, but still offer a cohesive visual presentation that ties the experience together. The information architecture improvements created a new, personalized content layout across the sites, to lead each user seamlessly across sites but also navigate them towards the unique content UFPI wanted to feature on each. Customers feel confident UFPI knows how to solve their industry-specific needs, and is there to help them get the products they need.


The Results

The project with UFPI is ongoing. The UFPI website and corresponding vertical sites now feature improved content architecture and technical foundation. The UFPI team can update their content faster and with more control. The newly developed sites sped up UFPIs e-commerce transformation, improving time on sites, engagement, and conversions. AgencyQ delivered these results much faster than if UFPI had approached this project on their own, and UFPI speaks highly of our team’s professionalism and engagement. We are currently adding more sites into this environment for UFPI and work with them on an ongoing basis.