American Nurses Association

Critical Nursing Information Delivered More Efficiently

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An enhanced analytics strategy and custom dashboards provided the American Nurses Association (ANA) with better visibility into the customer journey, enabling them to enhance the overall experience of ANA’s members and to deliver critical information more efficiently.


The Challenge

Departments within ANA have historically operated in a very siloed manner, each with their own processes, tools, and digital/marketing campaigns. This led to a lack of visibility into the true ROI of each group’s programs and campaigns. AgencyQ developed a data strategy to give ANA deeper insight into their performance and how to deliver a superior customer experience to each of the members and influencers.


The Solution

The discovery phase included user research involving interviews with internal stakeholders to understand their target audiences and determine their KPIs. AgencyQ also performed an audit of ANA’s existing analytics, site architecture, and technical ecosystem, including Google and marketing automation tools. From the audit, AgencyQ developed a robust analytics strategy that matches the requirements of each team and provides greater insight into the user journey. This will be accomplished by creating comprehensive analytics dashboards customized for each ANA team that track their customers’ journeys and provide a more complete view of campaign performance.

To help ANA navigate the COVID-19 crisis, AgencyQ developed landing pages and created tailored messaging to reach their members regarding what ANA is doing in response. Additionally, as part of ANA’s involvement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Project Firstline, AgencyQ developed a digital marketing strategy supported by multiple ANA landing pages. These efforts have entailed designing microsites, drafting site content, creating marketing collateral, and providing strategic oversight to attract and engage ANA’s members and outside audiences to learn about infection prevention and control (IPC).


The Results

AgencyQ’s enhanced analytics strategy and custom dashboards will provide better visibility into the customer journey, enabling ANA to enhance the overall experience of ANA’s members and to more efficiently deliver critical information to them. AgencyQ’s work on Project Firstline will enable ANA to provide life-saving IPC resources in a centralized, member-focused microsite.