Department of Energy

Find-it-First Technology Saves Labor, Improves Findability


AgencyQ’s proprietary customer experience technology, Find-it-First, has saved the Department of Energy’s Office of Science four to seven staff-years analyzing, tagging and migrating data, while ensuring thousands of pieces of complex content are findable online.

DOE Screenshot as seen on a desktop monitor

The Challenge

The Department of Energy (DoE) Office of Science is the lead federal supporter of fundamental research in energy and the physical sciences in the U.S., responsible for the publication of scientific research and promotion of energy-related knowledge.

To promote access to scientific research and resources, the Office of Science needed to improve onsite customer experience (CX) and search functionality for their content archives with accurate, personalized search results. Additionally, DoE required an automated solution to ensure thousands of pieces of complex scientific content are findable without manually analyzing and tagging each piece.

Screenshot of DOE site

The Solution

AgencyQ combined its proprietary CX technology, Find-it-First (FiF®), with the Sitecore Experience Platform to achieve personalization at scale and deliver complex and technical information to highly targeted audiences.

This involved leveraging Sitecore and AgencyQ’s FiF Natural Language Processing (NLP) solution to analyze and tag high volumes of new and preexisting complex content and creating adaptive content clusters around concepts using FiF’s semantic analysis.

AgencyQ then automated the matching of personas to NLP-derived concepts through a persona-focused concept weighting system and used onsite behavior and Machine Learning (ML) to develop and dynamically update user personas with FiF, which yielded increasingly accurate and relevant search results.

DOE Solution Screenshot

The Results

Combining these robust technologies into to DoE's website has saved an estimated four to seven staff-years of labor analyzing, tagging and migrating data.

Enhanced personalization has significantly enhanced customer experience and reduced user time spent finding relevant content by half, improving government data transparency.

This was all implemented within a highly secure workflow to support internal data management.