Sitecore Search Helps Northrop Grumman Create Better Experiences

Connecting Existing Workday Site with Sitecore Search Improves Job Seekers' Experience

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Northrop Grumman Corporation worked with AgencyQ to improve the search experience of their Careers section, using Sitecore Search. This platform is giving prospective talent a more efficient way to find the right position, and has given the NGC team greater control over the search experience.

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The Challenge

Northrop Grumman Corporation (NGC) is a global aerospace and defense technology company, and one of the largest defense contractors in the world. They work to solve the toughest problems in space, aeronautics, defense, and cyberspace to meet the ever-evolving needs of their customers.  

NGC partnered with AgencyQ to improve the careers section of their website to support the hiring of thousands of new employees in 2024. To achieve this goal, NGC needed a faster-performing search platform with the ability to quickly parse thousands of job listings. Job seekers had to be able to find the right jobs, narrowing their criteria by multiple facets and filters. And NGC needed all of this on an aggressive timeline. 

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The Solution

AgencyQ began their work with NGC by documenting their requirements and assessing their needs, including around the integration with their Workday API, which is the system of record for all of their talent acquisition activities. These requirements, in combination with the fact that NGC and AgencyQ were underway migrating their website to Sitecore XM, made it clear the best solution would be Sitecore Search—Sitecore’s SaaS search platform. 

Sitecore Search is a marketer-friendly tool, allowing greater control over the search experience with less reliance on developers, and enabling marketers to create better user experiences. AgencyQ integrated it with NGC’s existing Workday jobs feed, ensuring new jobs appear to users within minutes. Because Sitecore Search comes out of the box with many of the tools needed by NGC, the implementation process was able to take place over a swift four-week timeline. 

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The Results

Implementing Sitecore Search has added functionality to the Careers page that NGC did not have previously, including the ability for job seekers to use multiple facets and filters to narrow their search criteria. In addition, the Workday API sync is 6x faster than it had been, improving from every six hours to hourly. The improved user experience of Search allows job seekers to receive instant results when they conduct a search. 

NGC is so satisfied with Sitecore Search on their careers site that they have extended the use of Sitecore Search to their thought leadership blog,, their Suppliers’ section, and are currently evaluating it to replace the main site search engine. 

Additionally, NGC and AgencyQ are implementing Sitecore Personalize as part of their talent acquisition strategy, supporting use cases that attract women in STEM and candidates with necessary security clearances. 

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