Sitecore Powers an Expandable Training Platform

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Pri-Med partnered with AgencyQ to launch Bootcamp, a new Sitecore-based training platform, to address the practical challenges today's healthcare providers face. In less than a year, the award-winning Pri-Med site has enrolled more than 400 users.

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The Challenge

Pri-Med is a leader in continuing medical education, partnering with expert advisors, clinicians and educators to provide affordable and timely content for busy primary healthcare providers. Pri-Med delivers content through in-person and virtual conferences, on-demand courses, video, podcasts and more.

As a complement to its core business, Pri-Med launched a new virtual training platform where users purchase a one-year license that gives them access to practical training--for clinicians, taught by clinicians. While the vision has always been, and continues to be, to launch multiple different curricula, Pri-Med saw a real need in the market for real-world training content for Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and Physicians Assistants (PAs). There is a high turnover rate in these positions, due in part to the fact that these professionals are thrown into the practice, often with the expectations of a Medical Doctor (MD), but with only a fraction of the schooling. 

Pri-Med assembled the curriculum, combining content on how to address common clinical challenges, managing a practice and finding balance in the NP / PA professions, and they partnered with AgencyQ to design and build the platform in Sitecore. This represented a new challenge for Pri-Med, not just as a new line of business, but to build and maintain a new digital product platform.

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The Solution

Building upon initial research conducted by Pri-Med's team, AgencyQ led a discovery phase to identify and document the business, technical and accreditation requirements of the Bootcamp platform. Time to market was a key factor to success, as competitors either had or were soon launching similar products for NPs and PAs. Our teams adopted an MVP approach to the first launch, understanding it would be improved and evolved over time based on user feedback and the launch of additional content. 

We built the Bootcamp platform on Sitecore XM (v10.2), in a headless architecture (hosted on Azure and Vercel) to help future-proof the platform, as well as ensure we could deliver high performance, understanding that this would be a paid experience. We extended the look and feel of to create a consistent brand and user experience. 

Other key features included accreditation tracking for multiple Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit types, development of a custom reporting tool to track user behavior and content performance, integration with JWPlayer for video hosting and integration with Stripe for secure payment processing / transactions.

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The Results

The first curriculum of Bootcamp--Primary Care Bootcamp for NPs & PAs--launched in February 2023. Our teams have continued to collaborate on platform enhancements and bug fixes, informed by testing and user feedback. In less than a year, Pri-Med has enrolled more than 400 users in Bootcamp, and the number continues to steadily climb. 

AgencyQ and Pri-Med are collaborating to expand the platform to support multiple curricula--launching a second in December 2023 (Mental Health for Primary Care Providers), and likely a third in early 2024. 

In 2023, the Pri-Med website received a Silver award in the category of Training Sites from w3 Awards, as well as silver award in Training Websites from the Davey Awards.

Pri-Med Bootcamp on mobile devices with transparent background