Ulmer & Berne LLP

Content Marketing Strategies Enhance Lead Generation

Ulmer and Burne.jpeg

A comprehensive audit of content and marketing efforts allowed AgencyQ to enhance analytics and SEO strategy to improve content development and delivery, resulting in a robust inbound lead generation campaign for Ulmer & Berne LLP, a nationwide law firm.


The Challenge

Ulmer & Berne LLP (Ulmer) is a law firm with locations across the US that serve a wide variety of industries, specializing in the full range of corporate law practice, including tax, litigation, regulatory and real estate law.

Despite being recognized as an industry leader in the corporate legal field, Ulmer’s sluggish lead generation strategy was preventing them from capitalizing on their strengths. Having recently completed a website refresh with AgencyQ, Ulmer needed a revamped content strategy to jumpstart a lead generation campaign.


The Solution

AgencyQ undertook a comprehensive audit of Ulmer’s content and marketing efforts, analyzing for SEO and content marketing best practices and alignment with Ulmer’s branding. AgencyQ also enhanced Ulmer’s analytics and SEO strategy and provided recommendations on analytics key performance indicators (KPIs) and methods of tracking site performance. This research found a lack of SEO-focused content around Ulmer’s diverse service offerings.

From the research, AgencyQ developed a content and marketing strategy to support the creation of an inbound lead generation and brand building campaign that expands Ulmer’s online presence and audience. This includes recommendations for creating high-value marketing content and improving Ulmer’s social media presence.


The Results

AgencyQ provided key insights that benchmarked progress and roadmapped Ulmer’s challenges. The technical, platform, and SEO enhancements suggested will improve Ulmer’s content development and delivery and track site performance. AgencyQ’s stylistic and content marketing recommendations will enable Ulmer to build a robust inbound lead generation campaign.