Human Centered Design

AgencyQ centers users to build digital experiences that surprise and delight.

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Focusing on the needs of the customer during the website development process has not always been the norm, which naturally led to a great deal of frustration over the years. Customers abandoned unattractive, hard-to-use sites, while businesses wondered why their customers were not interested in engaging with them online.

Enter human-centered design (HCD), an approach based on empathy and journey mapping that puts people first, presenting relevant information and the “next right step” in an appealing manner. It seeks to understand the full spectrum of how, when, why, and where people interact online and then uses that information to engineer digital experiences.

AgencyQ uses HCD and its rigorous discovery process to understand the needs and motivations of site users to deliver compelling, intuitive brand experiences for our customers. We build exciting, visually compelling designs that continually surprise and delight, while always keeping the needs of users front and center.  


Our human-centered design (HCD) offerings:



Experience Design  

  • Information architecture  
  • Component based design
  • Design systems  
  • Visual design  
  • Usability testing & optimization 

Experience Strategy  

  • Audience definition & analysis  
  • Journey definition and mapping  
  • Content strategy  
  • Design sprints